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    • Yoga Studios – Rest assured, we have a temporary home for your students! (with a revenue share strategy!)

Yoga Videos is our Wheelhouse!

YogaJP (Yoga Journey Productions) has  been filming and producing professional Yoga videos since 2004 and we have a large high-quality video library ready for you!  We are not a big corporate conglomeration and we do not have a famous line-up of Yoga celebrities.
We are a team of knowledgeable and highly-trained Yoga Teachers and Yoga Therapists who teach every week at neighborhood studios, community centers, assisted living places, libraries and gyms where the essence of Yoga and community are practiced… and where many of our classes were filmed.
We welcome you into our Online Community and into our Yoga Home!
Sherry Zak Morris,
Founder of Yoga Vista & Executive Producer of YogaJP

Yoga Teachers & Studio Owners!

Keep your income flowing!

We know what it takes to create an inventory of high quality Yoga videos in a streaming format.  It is not something that can be done easily overnight.  So if you are making plans to bring more of your Yoga business online, let us be your temporary shelter in the storm and keep your income flowing!
We have seen hundreds of ideas spinning around on how the Yoga community, especially Yoga studios, are going to survive during this time.  We feel the urgency and desperation and that is why we welcome you to come into our house and stay for as long as it takes for you to find your new Yoga paradigm.  In our Yoga Home, we welcome everyone!

Practice Yoga Every Day!

Replace Fear and Anxiety with Resilience! 

Our world is full of fear and anxiety and Yoga has been proven to calm our nervous system so that we can be resilient through these times.  Allow Yoga to bring in the light where you might just see darkness right now.  Find a respite in your secluded days to take time to nurture your spirit by being with your body and moving and releasing anything that is stuck, scary or agitating.
We have over 500 Yoga classes from seasoned Yoga teachers and Certified Yoga Therapists including Gentle, Senior, Chair, Wheelchair and Hatha and Vinyasa yoga classes.  We believe Yoga is for everyone and we have Yoga practices for YOU!

Yoga Teachers Earn Money for your Videos

Many, if not all, Yoga classes have been postponed indefinitely.  From Yoga studios temporarily closing down to the local gym and fitness centers. teachers are losing income daily.  Many Teachers are scurrying around trying to film as many classes as they can to share with their students. There are tons of messages flying in all directions on what is the best way to get your Yoga classes online.  While you figure that out, share them in our Video library where you will get exponential exposure.
Contact Sherry@YogaVista.com for more details.

Yoga studios! We have a Temporary Yoga home

RIGHT NOW to service your students!

Yesterday is different than today, and tomorrow will change even more.  Every day the Yoga studio doors are closed, you are losing income, if not students.  They want to be loyal to you, so give them a gift of continual Yoga until you can open your doors again.  Some studios may never open again, but rather will decide to take their business online.  While you are working on that strategy… we have a temporary home for your students!  And should you want to add any of your studio videos to our library – we welcome them!
Contact Sherry@YogaVista.com  for more details.

Yoga Practitioners and Yoga Teachers

Let’s practice together! Let’s bond together! Let’s create a Community of Support together