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Practice with Us At Home! We have been filming our full-length Yoga Studio classes for years so that we can share our special style of Yoga that is for anyone, no matter your age or physical ability!

We offer online Gentle, Senior, Therapeutic and Chair Yoga classes,  Educational Seminars and Specialized Yoga Teacher Training programs.

Get a taste of what we offer on our YouTube channel and you will see why we have so many subscribers!

Want to receive new Yoga Vista classes every week.. with no annoying advertisements? YogaVista.TV is our ever-growing library of Online Yoga Classes to fit your specific mood, physical needs and time schedule.

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Our Mission is to train teachers in Gentle, Senior, Therapeutic and Chair Yoga to reach more boomers, seniors and people with mobility challenges in local neighborhoods taught by qualified and certified teachers. Yoga Vista’s Training Academy offers a suite of online Advanced Teacher Training and Certification Programs with graduates across the globe.

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Yoga For Every Age and Stage of Life

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January 11th, 2018

This workout has truly helped me as I’m recovering from spine surgery. Some I can’t do fully, but enough so as to feel wonderful when finished. Thank you so much! This is awesome!

Clara W

I’m a Silver Sneakers instructor and I have to tell you how much your videos have inspired me. I teach aqua yoga and chair. Truly I enjoy your Chair Yoga Dances!


Jacquie H.

Your videos are always so insightful and fascinating for my mind and body. Loved it. And felt it!


Marilyn P