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It’s been a journey. I met  my octogenarian mentor, Mary Cavanaugh, at Lisette Hart’s Yoga Vista studio. Together, Mary and I founded Yoga Journey Productions (YogaJP) to create Gentle, Senior and Chair Yoga DVDs with a vision of helping seniors and people with limited mobility. We continued to work together until Mary’s death in 2005, the year I bought the Yoga Vista Studio.  YogaJP continues to produce Yoga DVDs and full-length live Yoga classes, with many of them shared on the YogaJP YouTube Channel which has a growing base of 10’s of 1,000s subscribers.

In 2011, I co-founded the Yoga Vista Academy with Justine Shelton, Certified Yoga Therapist, to train teachers in Gentle, Senior and Chair Yoga to reach more boomers, seniors and people with mobility challenges in local neighborhoods taught by qualified and certified teachers. Today, Yoga Vista’s Training Academy offers a suite of online Advanced Teacher Training and Certification Programs with graduates across the globe.

After 10 years of studio ownership, I  left the operational side of running a studio to pursue my online video streaming library so that I could reach even more seniors and homebound people who could benefit from doing Yoga at home.  I gave the Yoga studio back to Lisette which she operates as Yoga Branch Vista Village today and continues the traditions and graciously supports the continual filming of our Chair and Gentle Yoga classes.

These video classes and filmed workshops are available in Yoga Vista’s Online Video Library as a subscription service.  Mary and my vision of reaching more people with Yoga has come into reality with Yoga Vista’s video library of therapeutic Yoga classes and online Teacher Training Programs.

I wish Mary could still be with me on this journey. But I believe we meet people for a reason, a season or a lifetime.  And Mary was a reason and a season.

I hope you enjoy our style of Yoga and we welcome you to the Yoga Vista Community!

Sherry Zak Morris,

CEO & Founder, Yoga Vista



To provide a safe and relaxing environment where people are empowered to nourish and care for their body, mind and spirit.


Core Values

  • Foster a community spirit
  • Embrace an attitude of unlimited abundance and generosity
  • Honor the dedication and uniqueness of every student
  • Facilitate the integration of body, mind and spirit
  • Practice acceptance of self and others
  • Celebrate the pure potential within each individual

“There are those whose lives affect all others around them. Quietly touching one heart, who in turn touches another. Reaching out to ends further than they would ever know. ” Your Yoga Vista Newsletters, your YouTube videos and DVDs, your observations, and sharing, are a true example of the thought written above. I share what you share, my class members share, and so on….reaching out to ends further than we will ever know.”

Jackie, Avon Lake, Ohio