Hatha Yoga

Breathe In... and Out

Our Online Hatha Yoga classes are accessible to all levels of Yoga practitioners. Our teachers are skilled in making Yoga accessible to everyone, but the power is in YOU to determine what is right for you each and every day. In these Active classes, you will enjoy a series of breathing and stretching techniques to help you build more stamina, strength and flexibility to meet life’s everyday challenges.

Each class offers breathing exercises to encourage relaxation as well as body-toning sequences that will keep you motivated. We end each class with Savasana, the relaxing downtime you need to rejuvenate your body and spirit. We guarantee you will leave with a feeling of peace, relaxation and optimism!

Hatha Yoga Benefits:

  • Improves flexibility & muscle joint mobility
  • Strengthens, tones, & builds muscles
  • Reduces stress and mind chatter with longer holds and steady flows
  • Increases stamina, balance, & grace

Enjoy our Online Hatha Yoga Classes on YogaJPTV!