Gentle Yoga

Yoga for all

If you like your Yoga a bit more soft and easy, then we have lots of Gentle Yoga classes for you! Gentle Yoga is a mindful, therapeutic and accessible practice that serves the needs of students who are looking for a gentler form of Yoga that will support their current physical, mental and spiritual needs. From injury rehabilitation, stress reduction, to spine and joint stability, our Gentle and Therapeutic Yoga classes offer therapeutic modifications, mindful breathing practices and movement awareness to serve the unique needs of each student.

Gentle Yoga provides a well-rounded approach so that every muscle and joint is slowly and easily moved to bring you the most benefit. Gentle Yoga is easy enough for beginners, so you can remain motivated to keep up your practice – day in and day out!

Gentle Yoga Benefits:

  • Increases Circulation to injured areas for faster healing
  • Improves Balance and Coordination
  • Helps to lower blood pressure through relaxation techniques and poses
  • Reduces stress and calms the nervous systems
  • Relieves pain from stiff muscles and joints
Gentle Yoga
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Gentle Flow Yoga
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